The Ennis-Weir Critical Thinking Test (1985)

This is a paper on how to critically assess students ability to argue. It gives students a letter from an editorial about car parking on streets. The students are expected to go through each paragraph and critically assess the validity of the arguments that are presented. This paper also gives a template as to how the arguments can be scored.

The whole paper is a foundation for analysing four types of validity: content, predictive, concurrent, and construct. The Ennis-Weir uses content in this paper. It is a view to a balanced approach at attempting to teach how to critically assess. It is a basis that can be drawn to build other materials – something which are currently lacking in the classroom, in regards to teaching critical thinking.

I intend to compose other materials based on this paper, so that other teachers can use these in the classroom.

I look forward to receiving any comments as to this post.