One of the best classes I had for students to practise critical thinking skills was to get students to look up critical thinking (CT) on the computer and look at images. There were many CT problems to solve. The students wrote why they thought that this CT problem was good to present to the class. The class then tried to do it. The amount of passion students had to try to answer the CT questions was really invigorating to see. Students really wanted to answer these difficult questions and reverted to their first language (Japanese) to do it. I then explained that this is the boundary of the students’ English proficiency. The border is something that students need to know. It is at this stage where students ‘real’ English proficiency is tested. I would like to record these students explaining these questions to others in a group and then play it back to the students and then go through what and how to say what they wanted to say in English, but couldn’t. The boundary between wanting to and not being able to is clearly shown – wa ha wa ha – a research project in the making!!!!